Thai girls are the best girls in the world

Beautiful Thai Girls
Girls of Thailand

The Thai culture and customs regarding relationships with Thai women are unique and need to be carefully considered before you dive into taking on a relationship with one.  I have a lot of experience with Thai girls and women.  I married a beautiful and great Thai girl that I love very much.  But I learned some things the hard way, and I wish I had known the information in the eBooklet prior to engaging in this relationship.  I’m not saying that I would not have married her, I just would have done so with a better understanding and with less issues.  For only $4.95, you can have all the advance information I wish I had.  Here is a summary of what you will find in this eBooklet:

  • Comparison between Thai and Western women
  • Differences between Thai men and Farang
  • Thai Girl survey – truthful responses on how they think and feel about farang men
  • Financially Supporting a Thai girl
  • Thai Families
  • Marriage
  • Maintaining a good Status
  • Village Life

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  1. I have also traveled to Thailand many times. And it does my heart good to see so many happy older men being pampered and loved by a beautiful Thai woman. When these guys get older, many have experienced a lot of “life” some good and some bad. When they go to Thailand, they can start life over. I love to go to a bar with music playing and see old men, a little drunk, dancing with a big smile on their face and a beautiful Thai women at their side. At home, I mostly see old men dragging their bodies around waiting to die. I love it in Thailand!!

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