Thai Massage

Thai Oil Massage

Thai Massage in Thailand

In Thailand, there are many options for getting a massage.  There are foot massages, full body oil massages, Thai massage, and the erotic Thai body to body soapy massage.

Foot Massage

Thai Massage - Foot
The Thai foot massage is performed on the feet, legs, shoulders and head while the you are fully clothed and sitting on a reclined chair.

The claimed benefits of Thai foot massage include relaxation, better breathing, better circulation, and elimination of toxins.

The concept of a foot massage include the feet being broken into different zones representing different areas of your body.  The ReflexologyThai Massage philosophy says that by massaging or applying pressure to these various zones, those parts of your body can experience healing, relaxation, etc.

In one hour, you get nearly a full body massage.  Well, almost, they will take care of everything below the knees, and above the shoulders, with some work on your back – all fully clothed.

This is a great relaxing experience which always puts me to sleep.  The foot massage is very inexpensive so I will try to get one every day while I’m in Thailand.

Thai Massage – Full Body

Thai  Massage BodyThe ancient Thai body massage is an art for healing, stretching, and deep massage.  Not the typical Swedish massage.  These massage therapists will bend, stretch, and put you into many yoga-type positions.  You will change your clothes into provided comfortable loose clothing, and lay on a firm mattress on the floor.  No oil or other lotions are used for a Thai body massage.

The therapist will use her entire body as she sits on top of you, uses her legs for leverage as she stretches you.  There is no falling asleep during this massage, and after your entire body is stretched, cracked, arched, and walked on – you will feel great, and be exhausted and ready for a nap.

Thai Massage – Oil

Thai Massage Oil
This is more like the typical Swedish massage that most people are familiar with.  You lay on a padded table with your clothes off while the therapist applies oils and/or lotions and kneads and stretches your muscles.  If you’re shy, you can keep your underwear on.

One of my favorite massages is to choose two girls and have one do a traditional Thai massage, while at the same time, the other does the oil massage.

The Oil massage frequently has an option for a happy ending for men.  However, do not ask for it, you might be asked to leave.  If the therapist is comfortable with you, and you are in a private setting, and she wants to make some extra money, she will offer.  But if it is a sexual experience you are looking for, skip this and get a soapy massage.

Thai Massage – Soapy Body to Body

If you are offended by the sexual side of Thailand, don’t read any further.  You cannot write about massages in Thailand without including the soapy massage.

The first question all guys want to know is if a Thai Soapy Massage includes sex, and the answer is YES.  The Thai body to body soapy massage can be one of the most erotic experience you’ll ever have.  What does a soapy massage include? Joint bathing, fully nude body to body contact with mutual rubbing and massage, rinsing off the soap and drying each other, then sex – any way you like it.  A session usually lasts about an hour and a half.

Thai Massage - Soapy MassageThe setting:  When you arrive at a soapy massage place, the front lobby will have a large glass wall with many girls seated in a stadium type arena on the other side.  Each girl will have a number on her to make it easy to select the one you want.  This is called the fish bowl.

Choose one or more girls.  You will pay per girl, and if you choose more than one, you will probably get a larger room.  The room will have a bathtub large enough for two or more, air mattress, and a bed.

The price varies depending on if it is low or high season, but generally you should expect to pay 1,500 to 2,000 baht per girl.  Plus you should give her a generous tip.

First, the girl will completely undress you and herself and fill the bathtub with water and suds.  You both will get into the tub together and she will proceed to wash you.  You should also enjoy washing and exploring her.Thai Massage - Soapy Massage

After the wash, she will put the air mattress on the floor and help you onto it laying down.  She will take a bucket and whip up some foaming suds and put them on you and her and she will lay on you rubbing her body all over yours.  Then she will turn you over and work on the other side.

The next step is to rinse off the suds from both of you, dry each other off, then head for the bed.  On the bed you can expect oral sex, and most other types of sex.

Be respectful, treat her good and she will perform better.  She only gets a portion of the money you paid, so be generous with a nice tip of 500 baht or 1,000 baht if she was extra good.

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