Hotels in Thailand

Hotels in Thailand

Hotels in Thailand

Hotels in Thailand Hotels in Thailand have most of the typical amenities you will find in Western and European hotels.  Most of the big chains are represented in each of the major cities in Thailand, and are usually the more expensive hotels.

The prices for hotel rooms vary throughout the year depending on if it is high season or low season. Christmas and New Years will usually have a premium added to the price.  Most hotels will take VISA or MasterCard. However, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club have limited acceptance in Thailand. You should travel with a VISA or MasterCard when visiting Thailand.

Hostels can be found in most cities. Hostels offer everything from dorm-room style stays, to private rooms at varying prices.  They offer very low cost accommodations but guests usually are sharing a room with two or more guests, sharing a common bathroom and shower, etc.  Hostels are not very secure since many other people are sharing the same space and storage as you.

Here are some specific observations:

  • All hotels in Thailand have hard beds – be prepared!!
  • Most hotels in Thailand have a slot near the front door where you put your key card which turns on all the power for the room.  When you remove the key card, the power will turn off after a few seconds.
  • Due to the tropical climate, it is common to have mosquitoes flying around, so you may want to apply repellant before you turn in.
  • Most bathrooms in Thailand hotels have Western style toilets with a spray hose close by. The spray is to clean yourself after using the toilet.

Taking a guest back to your room (joiner fee):

  • To avoid the joiner fee, always book the room for 2 people, even if you’re traveling alone.  Most hotels will not charge a joiner fee if you are paying for a room for 2 people.
  • If you plan to bring guests back to your room, be sure the hotel does not charge a “joiner fee” which is an additional charge for each guest you bring back to the room. Otherwise, you may find an additional 300 baht charge for each guest on your bill.
  • Most hotels near the part of town with bars, etc. don’t charge a joiner fee. Some of the finer hotels do not allow guests. 
  • If you are traveling to Thailand to meet a girl you already know, then when you check in the hotel, tell them your partner will be checking in later.
  • When you bring a guest back to the room, the hotel will require that she register at the front desk and show her Id. Usually there is a security person in the lobby to enforce this. They will record information about the girl. This is good for you since it helps to protect you against any form of a rip off. PLUS it verifies she is over 18. These Thai girls look young anyway, and you don’t want to get mixed up with a underage girl that will do nothing but cause you big trouble.
  • Always stay at a hotel with an in-room safe. The Thai people are very honest, but money or expensive electronic equipment is tempting to a poor girl. Lock everything up in the safe and you will sleep better if she stays the night.

Enjoy the Hotels in Thailand

Most hotels in Thailand are professionally managed and are dedicated to making sure their guests are comfortable and are having a good experience.  If you have any issues, you should address them directly to the management and they will provide a resolution quickly.

Here are more Tips and Advice for traveling in Thailand.

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