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Sports Bar Udon Thani

Where are the Udon Thani Bars?

Most of the expat related Udon Thani bars are located in one area of town.  These bars come and go and change owners often.  But if you make your way to this area of Udon Thani, you’ll find the bars that are open and the services they offer. See the maps below to find Soi Samphan Thamit where most of the Udon Thani bars are located. For more information about the Udon Thani Nightlife – Udon Thani Nightlife.

Day and Night Complex Udon Thani

Day and Night Complex Udon Thani
Day and Night Complex Udon Thani

The Day and Night Complex in Udon Thani is a very popular place to find a variety of bars and Thai girls.  It is located on Soi Samphan Thamit just a block from the Central Market.  This soi has several bars and places to eat and is a major attraction in Udon Thani for foreigners.  Not far from here is an outdoor complex called Nutty Park where you can also find several bars and massage places and even a dance club.

This area of Udon Thani has several attractions for foreigners including the Central Plaza, restaurants, Bangkok Hospital, and Central Point shopping mall.  The Central Point shopping mall sponsors a night market which is full of interesting things to buy.  One Beer garden located in that area has live music on weekends and most weekdays.  All of these places are within a walking distance if you’re a healthy walker, or a short and cheap tuk-tuk ride.



The Day and Night Complex houses several bars, each with a staff of attractive and desirable Thai girls.  Some of the bars have been there for a while and other spaces seem to change often from owner to owner and bar to bar.  Regardless, there are always a nice selection of bars and beautiful Thai girls.  Come and relax at your favorite bar, or sit for a bit, then change to another bar for a bit.  It is a very relaxing atmosphere with drinks of every type.

Some bars have pool tables and some have food.  Most are playing music which can be a bit confusing if you stand out in the middle of the complex and hear music coming from many different directions.  Several have large screen TVs playing sporting events, or music videos.


Day and Night Complex Udon Thani Day and Night Complex Udon Thani


Fun Bar

Fun Bar Fun Bar is a small bar located in the center of Udon’s busy nightlife area. We pride ourselves in having between 10 and 15 of the most attentive and attractive staff in the area. We are open between 5pm and midnight every day. The business is professionally run and managed personally by its owners, Bill & Fah, and has been so for the past 4 years.

Their good selection of beers are served from the sub-zero refrigerator at 0c. The fridge is fully restocked at the close of business every day, ready for the next session. Also available are ciders, wine, alcopops, juice and soft drinks. In addition more than 40 spirits are available.

Their prices are competitive with the most popular beers starting at just 60 baht all day, every day. Wines and spirits are measured at 160ml for wine and 42ml for spirits, the largest measure in the area. Spirits are big name brands and are the genuine article.

Fun Bar is licensed to play live music and they normally do so on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings. Come in and join us for good value, great company and entertainment the next time you are in the area.

fun Bar is located across the street from Brick House Inn restaurant. In-between @Home Hotel and The Irish Clock.

The Sports Bar in Udon Thani

Sports Bar Udon Thani
Sports Bar Udon Thani

The Sports Bar is located on the same street as the Day and Night complex.  The location is perfect for foreigners who are looking for a good meal, cold beer, and sexy Thai girls.  A great combination.

They show live and recorded sporting events from around the world on their many big screen TVs. Plus, they have indoor golf.


Nutty Park in Udon Thani

Nutty Park Udon Thani
Nutty Park Udon Thani

Nutty Park is a strip of small bars and restaurants with a variety of Thai girls, food, and drinks.  You’ll find a little bit of everything in this complex.  A few bars have pool tables, some have good, and most have willing, sexy and beautiful Thai girls.  You should make this a stop and browse the interesting options while visiting the Udon Thani nightlife venues.


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