How to Get US visa for Thai Girlfriend

Thailand visa

How to Get US visa for Thai Girlfriend

It is not easy to get a US visa for a Thai girl

But, I have it dialed in and after going through the process successfully TWICE, I have the info that you need to get your love to your home in America.

How to get US visa for Thai Girlfriend Let me tell you how to get US visa for Thai girlfriend.  I spent a lot of time doing the research, and I’ve talked to immigration lawyers, and I’ve dealt with the USCIS. This is the information I wish I had when I started the process the first time. Here is some free advice; avoid using any of the companies in Thailand that offer immigration and/or visa help for countries other than Thailand.  And especially avoid using Siam Legal, who is happy to be very helpful until they get your money, then you can count on poor customer service, errors with the paper work, which will cause your application to get denied, then they will refuse to honor their guaranteed refund.  If after reading my eBooklet, and you still feel a need for legal help, use a legal firm that is local to the US.

How to Get a US visa for a Thai Girl

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This is not intended to be legal advice, nor do I claim to be a lawyer or any type of a certified immigration consultant. This IS intended to be my shared experiences and my personal advice to co-travelers to help you achieve the happiness of having your Thai girl in your home in America.

For information about a Thailand visa for yourself – Thailand Visa

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