Thai Girls, you can’t help but love them

Beautiful Thai Girls

Thai Girls – Sexy and Lovely

Thai Girls There are many reasons to go to Thailand, and having fun with one or more Thai girls is just one of them. This post will discuss some general things you should know to help you have a good time.

Please be aware that prostitution in Thailand is not legal, but tolerated and well monitored.  Every now and then, if the police are not getting their required kick backs, they will pick one bar on a entire street of like bars and arrest the owner and working girls for prostitution or operating a brothel.  An extremely rare event, but is seems to happen once or twice a year just so the police can show everyone who is in charge.  Tourists are rarely arrested in this scenario. Most of the time the Police are looking for illegal drugs, and tourists will be arrested if found with illegal drugs, or under the influence of illegal drugs.

Most of the Thai girls that work in the bars, or soapy massage are from a village in rural Thailand. They come to the city to work to make money to support their families. A typical job at a factory, or farm in Thailand pays between 6,000 – 9,000 baht a month. A  Thai girl working at a bar or massage place can make 30,000 to 50,000 baht a month. Need I say more?

Many of these Thai girls have a baby back at the village being raised by her family while she works to make money to send home. Many of these babies are fathered by a Thai man who deserted the girl as soon as he discovered she was pregnant.

So, I tell you these things about the girls to help you appreciate who they are. They are farm girls making a huge sacrifice to support the people they love.

OK, now the interesting stuff

Thai Girls In cities like Pattaya and Phuket, you can find Thai girls who will go back to your room with you almost anywhere in the city. Many of the girls working “normal” jobs will hook up with you after work to make some extra cash. You will see Thai girls at the mall, grocery store, at the beach, etc. But to reduce your chance of being declined, your best place to find companionship is at a bar.

Most of the reputable bars will require the Thai girls who work for them to get a clean bill of health checkup once a month. Some bars have short-time rooms where you can get a “quickie” without going back to your hotel. When you want to take a girl from a bar, you must pay the bar a bar-fine. Usually about 300 – 600 baht, just to take the girl with you. The bars that have shows have higher bar fines. You are still obligated to also pay the girl.

When you take a girl to your hotel room, most hotels will require the Thai girls to check in at the front desk and provide her ID. ALL Thai girls over 18 have an ID, if she does not, choose another girl because she might be jail bait. Yes, the legal age of consent is 18 in Thailand. The ID protects you. Since the hotel has a record of your guests, she will not try to steal from you. But, be sure to put all your valuables in the hotel safe. More on this in the Hotel page.

The Thai girls who work regularly at a bar or club are the safest to take to your room.  The girls know that if there are any problems, you have recourse back at the bar she came from.  There have been many reported problems from girls found on the beach or other free lancers.

The Thai girls are very clean. The first thing a girl will do when you bring her to your room is to shower and clean herself up. You should do the same, even if you just showered. If she knows you are clean, she will relax and enjoy you more. Better yet, jump in the shower with her and let her clean you up.

What is the Bar fine?

The Thai girls are hired by the bars to sell drinks.  The premise is that if you take the girl from the bar, the bar will loose money because she is not selling drinks.  So they charge a bar fine for her to leave.  The girl must pay the bar fine for any scheduled work day she is not at work.  Even if she is too sick to go to work, she must pay the fine.  The girls are usually given one day off a week, plus a few days off a month for “Period Days” with no bar fine.  If you find a girl you really like at a bar or massage, find out what day is her day off and see if she will spend time with you on that day, then there is no bar fine.

After you pay a bar fine, you still must pay the girl her full rate, plus a tip if she performs well.  For the cheapest experience, visit a bar that also has short time rooms.  The “quickie” experience will usually mean 300 for both the baht bar fine and room, and only 700 baht to the girl.  But remember, a few hundred baht is nothing to a farrang, but means much more to  Thai girls.  So I recommend you don’t go cheap, and be generous to the girls, and they will be generous to you when you come back the following day for more fun.

How much do you pay Thai girls?

Depends on what you do and how long she stays with you.

  • Take her back to your room for a couple of hours – 1,500 baht
  • She stays the night and you enjoy her a couple times – 2,000 baht
  • Stays the night and the following day – 3,000 baht, if she misses work because she is staying with you, you need to give her another 300 – 600 baht to cover another bar-fine. The girls have to pay the bar-fine for each work shift she misses.
  • Any kinky stuff, you should add another 1,000 baht

Be RESPECTFULL!! she will treat you as well as you treat her.

So what will the Thai girls do when they get back to the room?

Girls expect to provide oral sex (smoke) and intercourse. Multiple positions, and multiple pops are acceptable.
I recommend that before you take a girl from a bar, you ask her what she will or will not do.  Some Thai girls will not do blow jobs (smoke). You do not want to be disappointed.

What about a Soapy Massage aka Body Massage aka Sudsy Massage?

My personal favorite.

  • There are several soapy massage places.  Basically, a soapy massage place includes a bath, sudsy massage, smoking (blow job), and sex.
  • When you walk into the lobby, there will be a several Thai girls behind a glass wall with numbers on them.  You choose which girl or girls you want to receive a massage from.
  • The girl will take you to a room which has a bath and a bed.  You both remove all your clothes and get into the bath together.  She will wash you and herself.  There will be a air mattress on the floor near the bath.  After you both are cleaned up, she will take you to the mattress and cover you with suds from the bath, then she will lay on top of you and slide herself all over you giving you a nude body to body massage.  Very erotic, to be sure.  Once the massage is completed, she will rinse the suds off both of you, dry you off, then take you to the bed for more fun.
  • To maximize your fun, choose two girls.
  • You will pay more, anywhere from 1,600 to 2,500 baht, for each girl, for 1.5 – 2 hours of fun. The girl gets half, and you should tip her more. If she is very good give her another 500 – 1,000 baht tip.
  • If you want to take one of these girls back to your room, the bar-fine is 500 – 1,000 baht depending on the place and if it is high or low season. The same rates apply as indicated above.
  • The girls that work at a soapy massage are usually higher class and more beautiful.

In Bangkok, the girls are found in specific districts around the city. My favorite is the Nana district, another is Soi Cowboy. Check with your Hotel concierge or taxi driver for the closest district to your hotel.

If you want to learn more about Thai Girls, click here –> Thai Girls

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